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There was a small discussion in my family on naming my brother. His name was to start with P (preferably Pr) and after a small discussion, the name was selected.

He would be called Prakhar Pratap Singh.

But a long discussion happened on what should he be called at home. Various names were picked up and discarded.

Some names rhyming to my own (Hanu) were discussed and none were of the liking to the family. Kanu, Manu, Ganu etc were some of the names brought to the table and thrown in waste basket.

Finally I came up with the suggestion, which every one admired.

He was born a good 4.5 years after i descended on earth. to be exact, he breathed his first on 18th Mar 2013.

I was in school and my mother was in hospital expecting the new one to come. I had warned her already that it has to be a sister. If it was to be a brother, I would push him back into the womb - I had told my parents. and they laughed out loud.

Once I came back from school, I was rushed to the hospital where my mother was being wheeled to the OT. My father accompanied her.

My first Hide and Seek

This happened more than 3 years ago. I took a liking to the game of hide and seek.

The game, for me, was to find out someone whom you are searching for - irrespective of hide out.So I decided to play this game with my father.

My father was to look out for me while i hide myself. I went into a room and asked my father to search for me. He looked around in all the nooks and corner of the room, under the table, bed, behind cartons and boxes but he could not find me.

After my father feigned searching for me and not finding me, I announced myself.

The first Show

My mom told me that she is taking me to watch a big TV. I hardly watch my 29" one but the idea of watching bigger one was not bad. I could not make out how big would it be but anyway when mom says, it must be bigger than 29" at least.

A foll

My father brought a chart and hung it in my room. The effect was for him to face.

The moment he used to get up, i would pull him towards my room for doing 'A foll'. It took him some time to register what I meant but once I pulled him to the wall, which the chart was decorating, he understood my intentions and then started my 'A fol'.

Here is my version of A foll

A foll Apple
B foll Ball
C foll Cat - myaun

My First Car

Soon after I came to Bangalore, my father bought me a car.

A white and blue colored car which I could drive at my will. To control my movement, the car had a remote control device, which my father used to hold. Well, I left the matter of control in his hands and let myself enjoy the movement.


I loved the song..i mean it! I was 1.5 years then and was obsessed to the core.

I was so hooked to the song that my father had to play this song on 'youtube' as soon as I was up and done with my early morning nakhre...

Guchcha Ho!

One of the expressions i used to give was 'Guchcha Ho?' (Gussa ho ... or are you angry?).

Anyone who is not speaking to me was asked this question and even if the person is angry with anyone (no one ever gets angry with me!) would eventually start smiling and would answer 'Nahin'and as long as I dont get a 'no' as an answer, I would repeat my question.

Did I write long? Guchha Ho?

In Bangalore..

First time I came to my own house was when I was 1 year, 10 months and 6 days old. That was incidentally the first day my father saw me after my Chhatthi (6th day on the planet earth).

My father was watching a movie when I reached his doorstep. He left theater and ran to house hearing the news of my arrival. It was the second time the news of my arrival had made him rush :) .

My first day on Earth

7th of October 2008 - the day I came to the world to give immense pleasure to my parents and grand parents. A little over 8 pounds, I was quite healthy when i was born. My birthplace - Bhagalpur, the nursing home of Dr. Saraswati Pandey.

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