I loved the song..i mean it! I was 1.5 years then and was obsessed to the core.

I was so hooked to the song that my father had to play this song on 'youtube' as soon as I was up and done with my early morning nakhre...

The song had to be repeated back to back and by the time my father would be ready to go to office, it would be 20-25 times that we all would have listened to it. I was so crazy about it that i remembered all steps of Kajrare aunty (I used to call Mrs. Bachchan by that name) and used to perform along with the song. When i used to dance to the tunes of this song, my father had to follow my steps or else!!!! (....you know how a kid can make his father dance on his finger tips.... Even my mother could not make my father dance on her fingers the way I used to...my mother should have learnt some lessons from me!!!) I used to lie down as Mrs Kajrare Aunty, copy all her latke-jhatke and anyone witness to that would certainly be having a nice time watching me.

This used to continue till the time my father found a way out "Kajrare Aunty thak gayi hai aur sone gayi hai" (Kajrare aunty is tired and has gone to sleep). I wish I had known at that age that you dont get tired if your video is rerun. Anyway, everyone grows up, so would I. Now that kajrare has given way to munni and then to shiela (again my favorites at a later stage), you can imagine how I would make my fether dance and wish my mother would also grow up by then to learn something from me.

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