My First Car

Soon after I came to Bangalore, my father bought me a car.

A white and blue colored car which I could drive at my will. To control my movement, the car had a remote control device, which my father used to hold. Well, I left the matter of control in his hands and let myself enjoy the movement.

In evenings, my mother used to take my car downstairs and I used to drive it to the park. My mother would carry the remote and try to control my movement, as I used to enjoy bumping into cars of the seniors guys in apartment parking lot.

All the kids were jealous of my car and would try their best to get hold of it...but would I let them?

The best moments I enjoyed in the car were when my father used to drive the car remotely and in full speed I used to hit my Mom. She used to shout at me and used to jump in the air to avoid collission. Among all these, there was no end to my enjoyment.

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