A foll

My father brought a chart and hung it in my room. The effect was for him to face.

The moment he used to get up, i would pull him towards my room for doing 'A foll'. It took him some time to register what I meant but once I pulled him to the wall, which the chart was decorating, he understood my intentions and then started my 'A fol'.

Here is my version of A foll

A foll Apple
B foll Ball
C foll Cat - myaun
D foll Doggy
E foll Eppiphan (my version of Elephant)
F foll Fan (pointing towards teh ceiling)
G foll Goat - meinnn..meinn
H foll Ghoda ghoda
I foll i-cream (well you can hear it as ice-cream but thats how i pronounce..what do you expect from a 2 years young man?)
J foll Jeep
K foll Kangaloo
L foll Lion - gough..gough
M foll Mango
N foll Nose - guess where my fingers would be? My father would be trying to escape my grip
O foll Olange
P foll Pallot
Q foll Queen
R foll Lose
S foll Ship - my hands spread to show the length
T foll tilain - chuk chuk gaadi
U foll umblella
V foll vase
W foll watch
X foll xylophone - Yes I liked that instrument as it was one of my birthday gifts
Y foll Yakk
Z foll Zebla

To make it more spicy, I used to mix up. it used to become M for Mango, N for Mango, O for Mango till the time my father used to catch me and put me down showing mock anger. Once down, I used to spread my hands and say N foll nose. The A-foll would continue till I get into the mood once again.

then I realized, my father understood what I meant by A-foll. so I changed my demand. Now it bacame B-foll. I am making progress, you see!

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