He was born a good 4.5 years after i descended on earth. to be exact, he breathed his first on 18th Mar 2013.

I was in school and my mother was in hospital expecting the new one to come. I had warned her already that it has to be a sister. If it was to be a brother, I would push him back into the womb - I had told my parents. and they laughed out loud.

Once I came back from school, I was rushed to the hospital where my mother was being wheeled to the OT. My father accompanied her.

The first sentence that the doctor had spoken when taking the baby out was "The big brother will push him back to the womb." There was a laughter in the OT. I was an elder brother now and the feelings were mixed. On one side, I was happy that I am an elder one and I have a new brother for myself, I was a bit irritated by the kind of attention the new one was getting even before he gets out of the OT.

My father came out and he was rushing down. upon asking what he is rushing for, he told me that he has to get the new baby admitted. I remember some months ago, my parents were running around schools to get me admitted to one. "So is the new baby going to study in the hospital".

When I first saw my younger brother, I was thrilled. A little baby in my arms. However no one let me hold him. Finally I was put on a bed with my legs folded (almost in sukhasana) and then the baby was given to me.

Now the baby is more than 1.5 years and is master at mischief. he would climb over the sofa without fear of falling. He would climb on to a table without knowing how to get down. he would run and topple and break his skin. There is not a single day when he does not hurt himself.

He would throw items as it they are balloons. Remotes, toys, pens, balls and what not, would fly from our balcony and find a ground for themselves three floors below.

To summarize his activities, I have named him as www.tehelkasingh.com. time for father to register the domain.

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