The first Show

My mom told me that she is taking me to watch a big TV. I hardly watch my 29" one but the idea of watching bigger one was not bad. I could not make out how big would it be but anyway when mom says, it must be bigger than 29" at least.

For me the benchmark of height of the building is Meenakshi Mall. My parents told me that the movie they were going to show me will have many building much taller than Meenakshi Mall. wow that was going to be interesting. On the way, my father showed me a couple of buildings which were taller than the mall and he also added that the buildings in the movie are even taller than must be interesting...but even more promising than this was the thing that my Mom told me. she promised me that she is going to show me cars bigger than my dad's. Wow!!! it makes lot of sense for me.

So finally we went to the theater and it looked big. At the entrance, an uncle was distributing glasses. my father took three from him. I wanted to wear them soon but he insisted on waiting till the movie starts. We went in and was big. A big white screen and so many people to watch it. Why would so many people come together to watch a TV - I could not understand neither did my father explain to me.

Something started on the screen. I did not understand what but my father did not ask me to wear the glasses. He asked me to wait till the movie starts. So the movie has not started. But the music was awesome. It seems to have surrounded me and I was stunned. My appreciation was pouring out of my eyes.

The movie started. I was told Spiderman was to be the hero. My grand ma had once given me a spiderman T-shirt. so I knew the Spiderman wears Red but this uncle was not wearing red. I kept on asking my father when would the Spiderman come and he kept on promising me that soon he would be here.

Well, he finally came and I was ecstatic. There were many big things there...big screen full of big buildings, big cars. But as soon as the spiderman came in action, lights went on. Mamma told me that the lights are on so that papa can bring Popcorn and I shall go with him to bring it. Both of us were on our mark to get the white edibles.

By the time we were back, the movie had started and spiderman was saving a kid like me. Popcorn was tasty and i became busy.

Now it had become interesting. spiderman was jumping from a place to another...oh no it was jumping on me. I was not scared. I was perplexed and my hands were going everywhere to stop them jumping on me. Probably there was something in the glasses which made it seem as if Spiderman was jumping on me. I kept on saying 'Hato!' and he kept on jumping on me. good thing was it was not hitting me.

Then I saw that the spiderman had lost his cap ( papa said, its called mask) and I was worried where his cap was. finally he got it but dont know why he was reluctant in wearing it. I urged him to wear it and finally he did. But I could not understand where was he going to now. But at the end, I saw him once again wearing red dress and I was happy.

so this was my first visit to watch the big TV and I shall be back soon.

Once I was back, my parents held my wrists - one each. I jumped in the air with my legs folded I was the spiderman!

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